About Us

Hola and hey there! My name is Omara, Thank you so much for choosing to shop at Eclecting Boutique. So... a little about me...I love nature, exploring the world, and making people look and feel amazing in their clothes!

I am a first-generation Costa Rican raised in Compton, California (pura vida! hablo español). Sewing runs in my family as both my parents had a passion for it. My father worked as a tailor to provide for our family for 40+ years, always taking great pride in his craft.

Their skills and ingenuity have always inspired me, as a child, I used to gather leftover fabric scraps to make clothes for my dolls. I pursued my passion for fashion by attending college and earning a degree in fashion design. 

For years, I've been working behind the scenes to create the perfect fit for numerous styles of major fashion brands across the country. Now, I'm ready to share my fashion perspective with YOU!